Your private train, tailormade journeys with the Continental Classic Express, Train de Luxe  

The carriage of Continental Classic Express Train de Luxe evokes the last golden age of great train travel.


One can indulge in the style and comfort characteristic of Trans Europe Express luxury trains.


Our air-conditioned dining car once belonged to the famous Express and await up to 42 guests with a renovated interior that maintained the original atmosphere with separate bar and kitchen.


Our Salon Car is equipped cocktail bar and its lounge with comfortable armchairs while the First Class Pullman cars boost reclainable, wide seats, everyone of them by table.

For more details about our taste of high life please visit the Continental Classic, train de luxe fine dining menu.  

We offer to organize and move charter trains in Hungary as well as in Central Europe.

Luxury rail tours

Travel in style and get your Voyages of Lifetime experience with Continental Classic Express, Train de Luxe journeys. 


Our luxury rail tours offer wide-range of breathtaking scenery, living history, rich cultural heritage and memorable moments around Central and Southern Europe.

What better way to explore than from an exclusively chartered Pullman Car, a glimpse back to the golden age of rail travel.

All offered programmes are carefully designed to balance and open a unique window into the soul and spirit of the visited region and traditions. 

Take your seat and discover the some of the region's less explored destinations amongst the magnificent cities with the Continental Classic Express, Train de Luxe luxury rail tours. 

For more details about our upcoming luxury rail tours please visit our Excursions site.